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Real Business Plans was created by Anthony Leonard in 1997.  His first business (a restaurant) was started in 1993 after re-writing the original business plan.  That plan was instrumental in convincing two investors to finance the business.  Since then, Anthony has continued writing business plans to start new businesses. 

Over the years, his businesses included a cigar store, adventure ski resort, corporate residentBusiness Plans Handbook agent company, Mexican restaurant, bar & nightclub, Italian restaurant, office cleaning service, management consulting firm, salsa manufacturer and multiple Internet websites including (sold in 2006), (sold in 2011),,,, and of course the reason you are here -  In 2005 three of Tony's plans were published in the "Business Plans  Handbook" by The Gale Group.

Helping entrepreneurs is a passion and  a business for Leonard.  He is devoted to assisting individuals with starting/running their own small businesses. 




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