Offering Memorandum  (Private Placement Offering)



The Offering Memorandum is very important when looking for investments with your new venture.  Not only is it necessary for institutional and accredited investors, but for friends and family too!  What the Offering does for you is state the facts about investing and the investment in your company specifically.  It lays it all out there over the course of 17 pages (approx.).  For friends and family, this shows them you are serious and are disclosing everything about the company.  The last thing you want is for a friend to invest, then have issues when things do not turn out as planned. 

And to round out the Offering, you need the Subscription Agreement.  This agreement (about 5 pages long) re-caps the Offering and allows the investor to complete their contact information, investor status and the amount of shares/units to be purchased.  Basically this is a formal order form for the investment.  More on the Offering can be found on our Raising Capital page.

Some Covered Items in the Offering

Requirements For Purchasers Principal Members
Forward Looking Information Litigation
Risk Factors Description Of Units
Use Of Proceeds Transfer Agent And Registrar
Management Plan Of Placement
Management Compensation Dilution
State NASAA Legends Minimum Offering & Escrow

Partial first page screen shot

Screen shot - offering memorandum
Sample first page  |  Sample Table of Contents  |  Sample page 13


At Real Business Plans, we have completed many of these documents for our clients for 14 years.  Our regular fees for these services are: $399.00 for the Offering Memorandum and $159.00 for the Subscription Agreement.  We have now  combined both documents in an Inclusive 'Offering Package' for $249.00.  This is not a "template" that you need to complete - A real person actually completes the document for you, based on the information you provide.  When you get the proof, if it needs to be changed, we change it.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and that we are a 100% American business.  We even provide you with a phone number to talk to a real person if you have any questions about your Offering Memorandum.  Lawyers will charge you in excess or $4,000 for the very same document and $300/hour just to have a conversation! If confidentiality is a concern, we will sign a binding 'Confidentiality Agreement' to protect your concept, plan and/or idea.  More on the Offering can be found on our Raising Capital page

Limited Time Special

Inclusive 'Offering Package':  $249.00*
          A SAVINGS OF OVER $300!

*This package includes the Offering Memorandum and the Subscription Agreement for either an LLC, Partnership or Corporation (tell us which).  We complete the documents for you!   Within 2 business days, you will have docs to proof.  Once approved, they are emailed to you in both Word and PDF formats.  (fully printed & bound copies are available for an additional fee)

To get started, click on the Google 'Buy Now' button.  After payment is complete, you will be directed to the Offering Questionnaire.  There is also a phone number listed to call if you have any questions. 


All services are backed by our "Iron Clad Guarantee"  
We do not rest until you are 100% satisfied!



Financial Document Preparation 

We provide a complete package of financial projections needed for a new start-up or existing business.  Typical documents include:
1st year (monthly) p&l projection* 5-year (annual) p&l projection*
Break-Even Analysis Sales Assumption Statement
Use of Proceeds Statement Labor Assumption Statement
*Additional profit and loss scenarios available.

Check out a set of restaurant financials we recently completed.

All documents are produced in both Excel and PDF formats- You own the reproduction rights. 

Email us for a quote

Financial Template - Excel Format

Download for Only:

 This download file includes the following worksheets:

          - Use of capital expenses (use of proceeds/start costs)
          - Year 1 - Projected Profit & Loss Statement
          - 5 Year - Projected Profit & Loss Statement
          - Sales Assumption Statement
          - Labor Assumption Statement
          - Break-Even Analysis

There are 2 Excel files to download: One is for older versions and the other is the 2007 version (both are identical).  All of the formulas are in place.  Some screenshots can be seen on our Financial Guide page.



Business Plan Preparation

  Business plans are completed based on our data and information you provide.  The plan is generally broken down into headings - such as:
Executive Summary Concept Description
Management Background/History
Competition Marketing & Advertising
Financial Summary Market Analysis

The plan is produced in both Word and PDF formats - You own the reproduction rights.  Financial documents can also be produced with the plan or separately.  Printed and bound copies are also available. 

Email us for a quote



Coaching and Consultation

We offer in-person, phone and email coaching for your new business questions.  The initial phone consultation is always offered at no charge.  During that time we can evaluate your needs and decide how to proceed.  Some typical coaching involves proof reading business plans, incorporation, bookkeeping, business licensing, etc. 

Email us to schedule a free consultation



Design & Hosting

  We can set you up with your own domain ('.com') website and hosting.  Get your business plan or new business up on the Internet! Includes web name, website design and 12-months of hosting. Email management is also available.

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Bookkeeping QuickBooks Instruction / Training

We provide Intuit Quick Books instruction and training.  We can coach you on the phone, or arrange for in-person training.  We also offer instruction with Excel, Word, Outlook, Front Page, Publisher, etc.

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Publish Your Business Plan on the Web is offering an amazing web hosting plan for your business plan.  For only $49.95 you get your plan on the web* for 6 months.

6 Month Business Plan Hosting
Only $49.95

See how your published business plan will look online

We will publish your complete plan online including:
          - Confidentiality Agreement (included at no add. charge)
          - Password Protected Access (included at no add. charge)
          - Offering Memorandum
          - Business Plan
          - Subscription Agreement
          - Year 1 P&L
          - 5 Year P&L
          - Assumption Statements
          - Break-Even Analysis
          - Use of Proceeds Statement

We convert (if needed) your documents to a PDF format

Once payment is complete, all you need to do is:

  • email us the plan documents (if you need assistance see our services).

  • Tell us the name you want for the address.

  • Tell us the password you want viewers to use (optional). Your plan can be kept private - it's up to you who sees it. 

Click here to see an  online plan site example

If you are interested in your own "Dot Com" (URL) address on the web, we offer design and hosting services.  Just click here for more information.

*Disclaimer - The SEC does not allow for solicitation of investment funds to the general public, but does allow to friends, family and acquintances.  






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