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Make it easy for people to access your business plan is offering an amazing web hosting plan for your business plan.  For only $49.95 you get your plan on the web* for 6 months.

6 Month Business Plan Hosting
Only $49.95

See how your published business plan will look online


We will publish your complete plan online including:
          - Confidentiality Agreement (included at no add. charge)
          - Password Protected Access (included at no add. charge)
          - Offering Memorandum
          - Business Plan
          - Subscription Agreement
          - Year 1 P&L
          - 5 Year P&L
          - Assumption Statements
          - Break-Even Analysis
          - Use of Proceeds Statement

We convert (if needed) your documents to a PDF format

Once payment is complete, all you need to do is:

  • email us the plan documents (if you need assistance see our services).

  • Tell us the name you want for the address.

  • Tell us the password you want viewers to use (optional). Your plan can be kept private - it's up to you who sees it. 

Click here to see an  online plan site example

If you are interested in your own "Dot Com" (URL) address on the web, we offer design and hosting services.  Just click here for more information.

*Disclaimer - The SEC does not allow for solicitation of investment funds to the general public, but does allow to friends, family and acquintances.  






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